Perfsonar Mesh Configurations

This page is still under development. Please contact GOC for more information.

Auto Mesh Config

Please enter the hostname of your perfsonar toolkit instance to generate a mesh config containing all tests that uses your host as endpoints.

USATLAS Mesh Config
USCMS Mesh Config
LHCONE Mesh Config
WLCG LHCb Latency Mesh
OPN Config
WLCG CMS Latency Mesh
WLCG LHCb Bandwidth Mesh
perfSONAR Testbed
Dual-Stack Mesh Config
WLCG CMS Bandwidth Mesh
WLCG ATLAS Latency Mesh
WLCG ATLAS Bandwidth Mesh
Belle II Mesh
Global Mesh
UK Config
All Mesh config

Information to display

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